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Bkav Pro

Internet Security


Project carried out for BKAV 
Date: July 2013
Length: 30 seconds
Format: 720p


To expose the dangers of computer viruses in these times of smartphones and new platforms, BKAV wanted to show an entire city polluted in a few seconds by a technological contagion. A 3D particles rampant spread and just two weeks to develop it, from the futuristic setting design to the color correction and the very last postproduction tasks. 3D settings, rotoscope techniques with frame by frame masks, 3D integration with real lighting, scene tracking or 2D animation were some of the challenges to get the visual and dynamic result BKAV dreamed of.


Brand: BKAV
Agency/Production: JWT / ViewFinder
Whiteline: 3D, animation, Motion Graphics,vfx, postproduction
Director: Zara Siew