Project carried out for the Malaga Film Festival through the production company Emedialab, directed by Pablo Olmos.


The Festival’s spectators were the protagonists of the campaign designed for the 2010 Malaga Film Festival. One of Malaga’s most representative icons, the “biznaga”, was used to create a link between the ad’s central theme and the Andalusian city’s local culture. In the video, the image of this typical Malaga flower was constructed following a reverse camera sequence. Starting as a liquid mass, the “biznaga” solidifies thanks to a painstaking job of 3D fluid simulation. It then acquires texture as it begins to freeze, and finally bursts into different colours, an effect achieved by means of the 3D dynamic simulation technique. Finally, drops of colour eventually turn into a multitude of persons on their way to the Festival.


Brand: Festival de cine de Málaga
Client: Emedialab
Main Task: 3D, animation, Vfx, PostProduction
Note: Directed by Pablo Olmos

Date: August 2010
Length: 20 seconds
Format: PAL