About Us

Welcome to our studio, which is specialised in the audiovisual sector.

We provide postproduction services, Motion Graphics and 3D, and also create visual effects for film and advertising.

Since 2008

The shortest line between two points is good planning.

Whiteline is a studio devoted to completing, improving and finishing projects created by clients seeking animation, 3D, VFX and Motion Graphics audiovisual services. Our work consists in providing necessary resources to ensure that the final result of each production is impeccable and ready on time.

Creating audiovisual pieces in which quality is an essential element.

Since 2008, Whiteline has worked with film, advertising, video game and music professionals, creating audiovisual pieces in which quality is an essential element. 
Technology is constantly evolving, together with the possibilities of creating new, different productions. At Whiteline we use all the necessary tools so that all our clients have to do is focus on imagining ideas. Each production is unique, and as such requires all the professionalism, concentration, efforts and dedication of the entire team. For us, each project entails a new challenge, seeking a solution to do better and improve our service, striving daily to achieve excellence. To this end, we rely on our basic values of commitment, responsibility and transparency.


 Every project requires the collaboration of the right persons to achieve perfection; for this purpose, we have a solid team that grows depending on our specific needs and also count on reliable external professionals.

Benjamín Velasco

Executive Producer

Iván Mena

Director Partner

Alejandro Villen

Illustrator, Concept Artist Partner